I remember sitting on the swing

2017-04-08 13.45.1020170407_18170620170408_095136

I remember sitting on the swing

just outside the house, hearing the birds sing.

I can still feel the sunlight, warm on my face,

my heart was slowly beating in its steady pace.

The swing moved but I was resting as if in a freeze,

only my blonde curls were restless in the breeze.

I stayed there for what seemed hours,

thinking of princesses, animals and flowers.

I could be lost in a world of imaginary creatures

and sometimes I would later tell a story to my teachers.

Swinging back and forth on the swing

made me feel happy and I wanted to sing.

There were days on which I would actually dare

but seeing me sing there was rather rare.

All quiet and peaceful, I was brimming over with mirth:

honestly, the swing outside was my favourite spot on earth.



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