How many springs?


How many springs

Can one year yield?

Across changes of time

Central Europe, Greenwich mean and BST.

Snowy flower-trees

And sweeping winds

Carry me further

Than I’ve been so far.

These recent weeks, the setting sun

– from rocks to waves,

From shore to shore

Elevates the mind.

Not far from home,

There is a spot, offering views

Over the oldest tree,

Which slowly blooms.

And every day,

From early spring

My task is to watch

For subtle changes.

A single petal, a tuft of leaves.

Beware, the first stirrings of Spring

You may find they free you

From winter echoes…

“To keep me from the lake

Is cruel torture.

To see it glisten from afar,

Watch its waves beckon,

Waver in the weak winter sun,

Is it necessary?”

And so I ask, and venture out to see

How many springs

Can one year yield?

– L.M


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